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Midwest Division Chicago Illinois

Hello everyone
Welcome to Phrostvybe Radio Midwest Division we're proud to announce the newest radio station is now native of Chicago Illinois the birthplace of House music.

Phrostvybe Radio will begin Gearing up on providing Chicago Disc Jockey's & Artists the opportunity to have mixes & music played along with live interviews right at our location plus the many events coming like our 2nd annual Send Off Prom Celebration with live music and performances by local independent artists and more. The House music marathon Phrostvybe Radio music programming department has slots available to DJ's for week and weekend radio shows we'd like to share with you - free of charge. Currently, the United States and European countries around the globe are airing shows and we hope you will be our guest. The shows are perfect for airing any time, especially evenings and weekends. Our Weekly Thursday show from 6pm till 7pm is the Thursday Independent music Mix hour weekend then shows begin Friday at 6pm The Friday night Street Mix and Saturday night live on Saturday at 6pm.guest DJ Mixes are 30 minutes up to 1-hour in length, of the highest possible quality, and are proving to be very demanding shows from DJ International radio.


 House music from DJ International radio showcase
Friday night street mix at 6pm CST Friday nights
Saturday night live showcase at 6pm CST Saturday nights

This show is hosted by legendary label DJ international radio CEO Rocky Jones who features
today's legendary House music artists, providing unique insights and fascinating history about
the artists and their music.

These fabulous Shows run from 6pm CST until and also can be listen on DJ International Radio
Tuesday evenings starting at 7pm CST

For more info and demos, go to:

For more information and to see a list of many other opportunities from Phrostvybe radio go to:

If interested in being a guest DJ or airing some of your episode recordings please contact by
email with brief information concerning:

Music Programming Director
Michael Mckie

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